Hi. I’m Vik Shukla

Vik Shukla: Financial Wellness, investor psychology, market risks. VikShukla.com

I’m a financial writer and investor. I write about financial wellness, investor psychology and market risks.

The goal of my work is to help you make better financial decisions. Sign-up to get my new posts directly in your inbox.

Here is how my work will help you

I don’t have all the answers. I’m learning and sharing with you whatever I learn and find useful. I cover ideas and topics like…

  • How to improve your thinking to make better financial decisions
  • How to think about risk and rewards
  • How the financial markets work
  • How your behavior affects long-term returns
  • How to manage your finances to create long-term wealth
  • And much more

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To help you get started, here are three of my most popular posts:

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-Vik Shukla